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5 Tips MCSTs should consider to improve their Condo security

Go to any condo and you're bound to see a constant parade of residents, visitors, repair people, domestic help, mail carriers, and delivery personnel. There will also be number of entry points and common areas, including delivery areas, gates, elevators, and carparks. Lapses in condo security has recently been in the news. From ofo and obike dumping grounds to even more serious cases like trespassing and pool deaths these issues make security for condos are unique endeavour.

Bikes dumped at public areas

The good news is there are plenty of solutions around to solve or at least mitigate these issues. Some are easy to implement while others might require further expert advice. We've listed down some tips to improve security in your condo.

1. Introduce a Cooperative Security Policy

A policy of cooperation between condo security personnel, the MCST, the MA and the residents should be drafted and applied. Rules and regulations for all residents and even visitors can be established to ensure the safety and security of all people within the condo are met. Eg rules against AirBnb rental etc to prevent shady characters from gaining access to the condos etc. This makes the job of the security easier too.

2. Condo Landscaping

Property managers and condo MCST should work at keeping landscaping in good shape. Neglect in this area could be interpreted as a sign that other areas in the residence, such as security, are also neglected. Reduce hiding places. While walking the grounds, be sure to take an evening stroll to ensure that common areas are well lit and that lighting is not creating shadows where someone can hide. Bushes and trees should also not be overgrown to the point they hinder CCTV video surveillance.

Overgrown tree blocking CCTV Camera

3. Access Control

In some condos we've visited we've noticed the lack of access control. Visitors and delivery man enter through a main gate/entrance and from there they are free to roam around any areas. The only saving grace being CCTV cameras monitoring their actions. Of course if something does occur it might be too late to stop it by the time its discovered. Access control prevents unauthorized entry into certain locations like lift lobbies, gyms etc.

4. Video Analytics

Video Analytics can greatly enhance the efficiency of security personnel guarding the condo. Video analytics can be programmed to inform security of unauthorized entry into the pool after certain hours or even illegal dumping such as Ofo or Obikes being left at lift lobbies etc. Another bane we come across is illegal parking by visitors after certain hours or at certain locations. Video analytics can notify security personnel if an vehicle is parking at a no parking zone and security can immediately respond to such matters.

Simple yet robust Video Analytics from Eagle Eye Networks

5. Visitor Management Systems (VMS)

Visitor logbooks are not only cumbersome but will also not be allowed after 1st September 2019. This is due to updates in the PDPA act in Singapore. Condo security will no longer be allowed to keep the ID of visitors or delivery personnel. They will also not be allowed to record their IDs etc. This means that in order to retain a secure environment whilst staying compliant with the law, condo MCST should consider implementing a VMS. VMS allows self check-in by visitors or delivery personnel freeing up the security manpower. Some VMS allow a sticker badge to be printed for the delivery driver/rider to stick on which can easily be discarded once they leave. Hosts can also be notified once their guests arrive.

Tagz Asia has a powerful VMS with a snazzy kiosk

These are just some tips to improve your condo security. There are plenty more solutions and technology available for condo MCST to consider that won't cost much and in some cases would decrease expenditure. Do contact us if you'd like more advice. P.S. Another area of interest for condo MCST is signages. We recommend this post TOP 5 CHOICES FOR CONDO MCST POSTER AND SIGN STAND that shows the most popular types of signage and display stands available for condos and their applications. .

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