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Cloud Based Video Surveillance

Singapore has generally been considered safe. However the world we live in has become very dangerous and the high risk society now demands extra security. People go beyond their limits to protect their family and businesses and as a result the security industry is booming. The cost of living has increased and due to the widening income gap the poor have become even poorer. Some are driven to opting for illegal ways such as robbery, stealing and shop lifting to feed their family. Thanks to technology it has also become easier to track down criminals and for individuals it has become cost effective as well.

Security companies are expanding their product lineup to provide customers with new cameras and equipment to protect their homes and offices. CCTV cameras have become a compulsory piece of equipment even at homes but till the past year the IP streaming cameras were quite expensive and did not provide the required quality. Now companies have improved this technology and have introduced VSaaS also known as Video Surveillance as a Service. The new technology utilizes cloud computing to provide the delivery of the software and allow users to stream the surveillance videos over the internet on their smartphones or PCs.

The live feed from the CCTV camera is recorded on the service provider’s secure cloud servers which can be accessed through an application. Some companies are also offering additional features with their cameras such as facial recognition and motion detection. The mobile application will alert the user when the CCTV camera tracks movements or motion when activated and will offer the user to take the appropriate measures. For example, if you are at work and you have turned on the security system and someone tries to break in to your house and the camera detects his/her movement. You will get an alert on the phone with a live feed from the camera and then you can either call the authorities or your neighbor to check it out while you are on your way to your house. With facial recognition it is easier for the authorities to find the perpetrator of the crime such as a shop lifter. The image of the face of the perpetrator is captured and by running the image on their database they can identify and apprehend the criminal easily.

All of this is now possible with the help of the advancements in technology. Safety concerns and government regulations are reasons behind the growth of security measures around the world. Since the past three years, new innovations are being made to make your life more convenient with the help of technology.

IoT (Internet of Things) has allowed many startups to come up with solutions which can automate your home and connect everything together. Users can now control the lighting, security system, power switches, coffee makers and other household items wirelessly through their smartphone with the help of IoT. The interconnectivity makes your life easier and you can control everything from the palm of your hand. The same technology is now being utilized in the security industry and the connected technology will provide users with the best security options.

Cloud Video Surveillance and VSaaS market is expected to grow by a staggering 18.1% in the next five years. The total market for security will reach $48.32 billion by 2020 and a major chunk of the growth will come through IP cameras. CCTV cameras in most households just record the footage on the on-premises hard drives and users can only view them once they get access to them physically. Thanks to the fast broadband speeds, users can easily stream up to 1080p Full HD videos from their cameras whenever they like, remotely and keep an eye on their maid, belongings or children. For businesses it’s easier to monitor workers not just with regards to criminal activities but in terms of productivity.

Cloud computing has already revolutionized the world of IT and now it is set to make a huge impact on the Video Surveillance industry in the coming years. The technology is more secure and offers online backups unlike today where if the hard drives are stolen or destroyed then there is no way of retrieving the footage and apprehend the criminal. This is particularly the case when the crime is perpetrated by an employee who is familiar with the security of the office.

United States of America and the United Kingdom have the highest number of CCTV camera users around the world. One out of every 1000 homes have CCTV cameras installed on the premises and they are quickly adopting the new VSaaS services from security providers as well. Asia itself has seen a massive growth in the users of security cameras; it is expected to be the fastest growing market by 2020 with an estimated growth rate of 22.2%.

More than 90% of the things in today’s world are based on data driven technology. Companies utilize insights and develop key business aspects such as marketing, product development and other things around them. The advancements in the security industry will also help event managers, supermarkets, concert venues and other providers to monitor the customer traffic and improve their services. The collected data will help them in improving their customer services, developing more effective marketing campaigns or forecast future traffic and hire the appropriate staff accordingly.

One cannot deny the fact that cloud computing has a lot of positives in the modern world but there are some risks involved as well. Video surveillance will indeed become more cost effective with the help of cloud computing but it will also be more vulnerable to hacks. The physical drives can only be accessed when you have access to them physically but hackers, thieves or robbers can hack into your online surveillance to monitor your movements and plan their attack.

The internet is host to billions of people around the world. We have to keep in mind the threats involved in this technology. If the servers of your security providers are comprised then anyone can have access to live video streams of your house. This is a major concern for the upcoming VSaaS but companies are working on developing new firewalls and security measures to prevent such things from happening.

Security has become a need of every household and business as the world is not getting any safer. The cost of security hardware is decreasing and it is becoming more accessible to users. The future promises a lot of new advancements and it is important to take the necessary steps to protect your family or business. By using these security measures you are not only protecting yourself but other people around you as well. If a criminal is arrested with the help of your video footage then there is one less criminal to worry about. The technology looks promising and with some polishing we can expect great things from it for both an individual and businesses around the globe.

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